• Damping Technologies can design and manufacture conventional constrained layer damping systems for most any application.
  • These may vary from relatively simple and inexpensive designs for the appliance industry to multi-material designs for extended operating temperature range...................to very complex and lightweight designs for the aerospace industry.
  • The constrained layer damping system shown below utilizes a (34 million psi) Young's modulus carbon fiber composite constraining layer and is being applied to a spacecraft component via vacuum bag processing.
  • Damping Technologies can utilize steel, aluminum, titanium, carbon fiber composite, etc. in our constrained layer damping systems.
  • Damping Technologies has internal capability to process carbon fiber composites in flat and non-flat shapes for use with our damping systems.
  • Damping Technologies has an extensive Library of Viscoelastic Materials. Damping Technologies can select appropriate damping materials for a wide range of applications including very cold fuselage skin applications to very hot engine or vehicle braking applications. Damping Technologies has materials, which can meet stringent aircraft, spacecraft, and computer industry outgassing and flammability requirements.