Noise and vibration issues are a never-ending challenge to engineers, designer, and scientists, as they endeavor to improve the overall performance and quality of products that make our everyday lives more enjoyable and worry-free.

At DTI, our experienced engineers and scientists create innovative solutions that meet the customer's needs while maintaining the integrity of the original product's purpose. This is accomplished by bringing together our unique understanding of materials, processes, manufacturing capabilities, and design tools to produce and provide efficient solutions in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Our unique understanding of the dynamic properties of materials including metals, elastomers, plastics, polymers, glass enamels, and composites enable us to bring these often-ignored characteristics to bear in our effective and cost-efficient solutions.

The DTI "difference" is our ability to effectively combine in-house research and development, understanding of structural dynamics, effective design and modeling capability, extensive prototyping capability, as well as manufacturing know-how into solutions that benefit our customers.